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Simple Template System (STS) for osCommerce

The Simple Template System (STS) is a contribution to the osCommerce shopping cart system. STS is a port to osCommerce of the templating system that Diamond Sea uses in our own E-commerce products. STS is released under the GNU Public License.

The default configuration of osCommerce is difficult to modify without being a PHP programmer. STS makes it easy to configure osCommerce with a simple HTML Template File and make your site look the way you want without any programming talent.

Due to the high number of posts on the official support thread for STS, it has become increasingly difficult for new users to find quick answers to the questions they may have in the 50+ pages of posts on the topic.

To help new users get up to speed, I have created this page for the most common questions and answers that I see in the support group.

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STS FAQ: The most Frequently Asked Questions and answers about STS are below

STS Known Bugs: Bugs that are known but unfixed yet are listed here. We will fix these as soon as possible.

STS Feature Requests: The most frequently requested new features for STS. Not sure when we'll get them added, but at least you know that they're in the works.

Known STS Bugs:

No known bugs in v1.9

STS Feature Requests:

Multiple Templates per Product_ID

Changing Box Styles through Template

SEC MS2.2 integration (Done, See FAQ)

CoolMenu integration

I hope you enjoy using STS!

   - Brian Gallagher, STS Author

PS: Please post your questions to the support threads. You'll get a faster response than emailing me directly as many other people will be able to also answer your questions. Thanks!

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